13th April 8:29 PM

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Magnolia flowers are starting to bloom already.
11th April 2:20 AM

Bandwagoning Cathy and doodling Odette who’s making a cameo in Yssa’s film. Somehow when we came up with the idea for her in this AU, the first thing I thought of was that she channeled early 00’s J-Lo. Featuring the outfit from the Love Don’t Cost A Thing video.
16th March 7:56 PM

Proof of happenings. I’m so determined to make some finished SnK illustrations like you don’t even know.
Okay, back to… my other projects.
9th March 6:15 PM

Not quite dead. The last couple of months were spent on working out some IRL things and blog cleaning because I am becoming more conscious about content. I do have a separate sketchbook blog which is active at the moment - mostly life drawing and studies for now until I can ease into posting conceptual/dumb doodles later.
Updated workspace photo in the meantime.
Also random insert that I am volunteering at MoCCAFest in April. :)
31st December 11:00 PM

Threw this together real fast. I thought this was especially the most appropriate year to do this because this is the most work I’ve ever cranked out. Missing months were my most inactive times (senior project, traveling, etc), so I doubled up on months during 120 which is where most of the improvement came from. There were on and off periods of difficulties and feeling lost because of my awkward transition out of college, and I realized that my education left me stagnant in many ways. I realized a lot of things, aha. 
On another note, you can see exactly when I fell back into anime again…
30th December 1:07 AM

Bundle up, Mikasa. (+Eren????cat)
2nd November 9:47 PM

What the fuck you lookin’ at? This ain’t high school, pussycat.
28th October 1:39 AM

But we found each other in the dark
24th October 3:24 PM

"When an idea first comes into your head, it’s a wonderful thing, a wonderful feeling, it feels great to think you can make it. But once the actual animation process begins, my feelings, my emotions, this big hope that i thought i was going to create something really, really great, diminishes. And then my emotions become involved with THAT process."
— Katsuhiro Otomo (via
19th October 9:27 PM

Inktober (6/31)
More Breaking Bad studies. Trying to loosen up.